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Periodontal Regenerative Surgery (Gum Tissue Regeneration, Bone Regeneration) - Houston, TX

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Periodontal regenerative surgery replaces lost bone and soft tissue with bone grafting or gum tissue grafting. Most often, periodontal regenerative surgery is used to reverse the damage caused by gum disease (periodontitis) and restore the health of the mouth. Bone grafts can help strengthen the jawbone to prevent further damage or to strengthen the bone before a dental implant. A gum tissue graft can be used to treat receding gums and restore a normal, even gumline or to strengthen the gum tissue supporting the natural teeth and dental implants. At Periodontal Associates of Texas in Houston, board-certified periodontist Dr. Roberto Porras performs periodontal regenerative surgery to graft bone or gum tissue and create a healthier mouth.

Reasons For Tissue Grafting

  • To treat gum disease (periodontitis)
  • To correct receding gums
  • To reshape the gum tissue
  • To help stabilize dental implants
  • To treat bone loss and thicken the jawbone


To start any regeneration treatment, the doctor will use local anesthesia to numb the area being treated before folding back the gum tissue to reveal the area needing the graft. After the doctor cleans the area of bacteria, the graft is placed and the area is carefully stitched back together. Patients usually need to return in 7 – 10 days to have their stitches removed and to follow up on their progress.


After regenerative surgery, patients should schedule and come to all follow up appointments suggested by the doctor. If needed, the doctor will prescribe pain medication for the patient after the procedure as well as tips to improve the healing process. Patients should maintain a regular home oral care routine, including brushing, flossing, and regular dental exams and cleanings.

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Average Cost  
$900 - $6,000
Recovery Time  
48 hours
How Long It Takes  
1.5-4 hours
Follow Up Time  
7-10 days
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Regenerate and Restore

To restore the health of the mouth after periodontal disease or to strengthen the jawbone and gums for a dental implant, periodontal regenerative surgery grafts bone or gum tissue to needed areas for improved oral health. With advanced periodontal surgery, the damage of gum disease and bone loss can be reversed.

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