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Crown Lengthening (Gum Reshaping, Gingivectomy) - Houston, TX

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Crown lengthening can be performed to improve the appearance of the smile, prepare a tooth for another procedure, or to prevent periodontal disease. Some people naturally have excess gum tissue that creates a “gummy smile” since there is too much gum showing and not enough teeth. Crown lengthening reshapes the gum and exposes more of the teeth for a more attractive smile. Crown lengthening is also used when a crown or filling needs to be placed or fixed and there is not enough visible tooth for the needed treatment. Gum reshaping may also be done in patients if bacteria is accumulating in the gum pockets, which can lead to periodontal diseases. Dr. Roberto Porras, a board-certified periodontist at Texas Periodontal Associates in Houston, performs crown lengthening to solve or prevent an oral health concern, as well as for cosmetic reasons.

Reasons for Gum Reshaping

  • To improve a “gummy smile”
  • To restore damaged teeth
  • To prepare for a dental crown
  • To fix a crown or filling
  • To prevent or treat periodontal disease


Before the crown lengthening procedure, the patient will get dental X-rays and a professional cleaning. Once the teeth and mouth are prepared, the patient will get local anesthesia to eliminate discomfort. The doctor will use surgical instruments to make incisions in the gums and then pull the excess gum tissue away from the teeth. In some cases, the doctor will expose some of the tooth root to have the right amount of tooth showing in relation to the gums. After the gumline is even and natural looking, the doctor will wash the treated area with a sterile saline solution and stitch up the incisions made in the gums.


Once the patient returns home after their gum reshaping procedure, ice packs should be held on the face for the first few hours to reduce swelling. Patients may be prescribed pain relievers or an antibacterial mouthwash by their doctor. Most patients prefer a soft or liquid diet for 1 – 2 days after the procedure. If stitches were used, the patient should return to the office in 7 – 10 days to have the stitches removed. The gums should be fully healed in about three months.

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Average Cost  
$700 - $1,500
Recovery Time  
48 hours
How Long It Takes  
1-2 hours
Follow Up Time  
7-10 days
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A Healthy, Even Gumline

Crown lengthening can remove excess gum tissue for cosmetic reasons, to prepare the tooth for another procedure, or to prevent gum disease. By recontouring the gums, the entire mouth becomes healthier and more attractive.

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