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Implant Supported Overdenture (Fixed or Removable Lower Jaw Dentures) - Houston, TX

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Traditional removable dentures can be difficult to keep in place, especially in the lower jaw. Implant supported overdentures can improve the stability and effectiveness of dentures in the lower jaw by using dental implants. At Texas Periodontal Associates in Houston, board-certified periodontist Dr. Roberto Porras offers several types of implant supported overdentures, which can either be fixed in the jawbone or easily removed and re-attached by the patient. Dr. Porras will help each patient understand the different options and decide on the best choice for their needs.

Reasons for Overdentures

  • To avoid gum and bone deterioration from traditional dentures
  • To avoid the cost and hassle of denture adhesives
  • To improve speech and chewing
  • To avoid irritation from shifting dentures


To start, the doctor will place the needed dental implants into the lower jaw (usually 2 – 3, but this varies based on each patient). Once the implants have bonded to the jawbone and gums, a mold will be taken of the mouth and sent to a dental laboratory where custom overdentures will be created. After the overdentures are sent back to the office, the patient will come in to have their overdentures fitted and attached to the dental implant.


The doctor will talk to each patient about specific care for their overdenture, but in general, the implant supported overdenture should be cared for like the natural teeth. Patients should continue with daily brushing and flossing as well as regular visits to the dentist for dental exams and cleanings. Patients who have an overdenture implant that can be removed at home may take the overdenture out every night for a thorough cleaning.

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Average Cost  
$3,600 - $36,000
Recovery Time  
48 hours
Follow Up Time  
7-10 days
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Skip Slipping Dentures

Instead of hassling with the time and expense of removable dentures and denture adhesives, patients can now choose implant supported overdentures that are custom made to look and feel like their natural teeth while offering a secure fit.

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