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Horizontal Bone Augmentation

Horizontal Bone Augmentation (Horizontal Alveolar Ridge Modification) - Houston, TX

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When a tooth is extracted, the area of the jawbone where the tooth root was attached begins to decrease in height and width over time. A horizontal bone augmentation uses bone grafts to add width to the needed areas of the jawbone to make it thick enough to securely hold a dental implant on all sides. Dr. Roberto Porras, a board-certified periodontist at Texas Periodontal Associates in Houston, offers horizontal bone augmentation for patients who have been told they cannot have dental implants due to the width of their jawbone. Dr. Porras offers many choices in bone grafts that are all considered safe and effective, including donor bone from other parts of the patient’s body, synthetic bone grafts, and more.

Reason For Horizontal Grafting

  • To increase the width of the jawbone
  • To augment the ridge of the jawbone
  • To prepare the bone for a dental implant
  • To correct a congenital defect
  • To correct an injury or trauma


Before the augmentation procedure, the doctor will determine where the bone graft will come from. The bone graft may come from another bone in the patient’s body (autogenous bone graft), a graft from a cadaver or synthetic materials (allograft), or a graft from a cow bone (xenograft). Once the bone graft is prepared, the doctor will cut open the gums to reveal the jawbone. The bone graft will be carefully placed and secured to the natural bone before the incision is closed and the graft is given time to integrate with the jawbone.


After the bone graft, patients may be given antibiotics, pain medication, and/or an antibacterial mouth rinse. For a few days after surgery, patients should try to stick to a liquid or soft food diet and avoid putting any pressure on the grafted area. Most dental bone grafts will need 6 – 9 months until the graft and natural bone are strong enough to hold a dental implant.

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Average Cost  
$150 - $3,500
Recovery Time  
48 hours
How Long It Takes  
1-2 hours
Follow Up Time  
7-10 days
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A Stronger Jawbone

Horizontal bone augmentation helps patients who have a naturally slim jawbone and patients who have decreased bone width after a tooth extraction. By building the width of the alveolar ridge, more patients can enjoy the benefits of dental implants.

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